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Small Business : Enterprise Resource Planning System

Our cloud-based, integrated business management solution has been designed specifically for small businesses or subsidiaries of large enterprises.We are talking about running your business software without having to make a capital investment in hardware/IT infrastructure, and put it in an environment you don't have to look after.Instead of paying a large outlay of cash for software user licenses, hardware ,servers etc.Only  pay a monthly subscription per user using our SAAS model.


  • Access you data anywhere and anytime. Improving access to business information wherever you may be.
  • Spread the cost of your software out using a per user/per month subscription price model
  • Flexibly add or remove users
  • The system is extendable; easily add new features to your existing setup increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Scalable for faster growth,streamlining operations,monitor different stages of production and concluding projects successfully.
  • Seamless upgrades
    • Features of our Online Cloud ERP Solution
      1. Chart of accounts
      2. Journal entries
      3. Budget cost centers
      4. Sales tax calculations
      5. Multiple financial periods
      6. Receipts
      7. Purchase orders
      8. Returns
      9. Credit notes
      10. Sales Orders
      11. Opportunities management
      12. Contact management
      13. Quotations
      14. Orders
      15. Invoices
      16. Returns
      17. Multiple Currency Support
      18. Customer management
      19. Item management
      20. Item queries
      21. Receipt to stock
      22. Release from stock
      23. Stock transactions
      24. Warehouse transfers
      25. Serial numbers tracking
      26. Batch management
      27. Manufacturing
      28. Bill of materials
      29. Client Relationship Manager