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LinkTivate Multi-Lingual Interface Support

Newer releases allow for changing  language elements. Simply update your profile settings and the system will convert pages elements into your home language as best it can. With support for over 50 languages there may be certain elements we've missed :)

Since countries head more towards Software as a Service (SaaS). We provide software distribution model in which applications support multiple languages helping us better engage with our international clients.

Languages are trained into our database the very first time a user loads up a page. If a page is loaded that has never been accessed in the language you've chosen, you will experience a delay. However subsequent access to that page from then onwards will be at normal speeds. Please forward any word conversion issues should you come across any.

Steps to access options

  • Click on Profile
  • Click "Profile Settings"
  • Change the language drop-down
  • Portuguese

  • Here's the interface converted to Afrikaans

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Options