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Incident Layouts
The CRM module allows for more than one layout to be printed. Its supports multiple different layouts and copies of that layout when an incident is posted.

For instance, your company may want a limited internal version printed so tools, stock etc can be dispatched. The technician or sales person could have another layout with more information.
  • These layouts will appear the instance the call is logged
  • Additional related options are also listed on the right pane.
    • For instance, you may want to invoice out the customer after logging the call.
    • The invoice will then relate the incident automatically for reporting purposes
    •  Additionally, you may want to simply log another incident

  • You can just as easily email a layout to clients
  • Various formats including pdf are available
    • Image formats allow the client to view the incident without any special software installed

  • This is a sample layout which can be printed or exported to PDFs, Microsoft Excel etc.
    • These layouts are changeable by the "Stationery Layouts" Feature