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Get Started - Logging in

This article will help you get started when you are logging in.First thing first you will receive your logging credentials by email.

Your username /email address and  password combination will be used to log into the portal.

Logging in Screen

You will now be able to access all of our features available on our dashboard.If you are new to all of this we would suggest you read up on our Quick Start.Our Quick start should help you come to grips with all the basics you need to know in order to successful navigate our system as well as use it efficiently and effectively.

First thing first you will need to fill in your Company Details.Here you can enter all the related compnay information like Company Registration Numbers,Your Tax Numbers,Your VAT numbers,select you tax rate,your region and your banking details.

 You will be able to find everything that you need on our dashboard,How to Sell , Creating Stock items ,Making payments .All in one place, we have tried to make everything easily accessible to further increase your experience.

If you are looking to manage your customers,add contact details,banking information,attach documents or add other detailed information  you will find this article  particularly useful Customer Centre.Our customer management facilities allow you to be able to track and monitor your customers buying,paying habits thus enabling you to reward loyal and good customers.

You can use our CRM Feature to enable you to achieve this goal as well as use our summarised and detailed Reports