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Campaigns & Promotions
This article will tell you how to create a campaign.Your marketing department works hand in hand with your  a sales department is to come up with a marketing campaigns.The purpose of a marketing campaign is to develop leads for the sales department. Leads that are generated are associated with a certain campaign and they can be tracked in the future to see how successful the marketing effort was.

Creating Campaigns
        There are a number of steps to creating a campaign effectively.
Creating a Campaign

Select your Campaign Reference,Status and Type of Campaign and the Frequency of the campaign.This can always be changed at a later date by editing it to change the frequency by extending the campaign period.

Targets and Goals of Your Campaign
Fill in your description and the objective of your campaign.What are the goals and targets of your campaign? What do you intend to achieve in the period in which your campaign will run?
Input your targeted impressions,your budget,the actual cost,your expected cost and expected revenue in the period.Assign the campaign to a campaign manager / team leader.

 Promotions help you to increase and loyalize your customer base.Your clients and customers become more willing to purchase from you during this periods,increasing revenue and sales.It also builds brand loyalty.

  • Creating  a promotion entails you filling in  out the basic information in relation to your promotion in the different tabs.
General Tab
  • Enter the frequency, the type of promotion method,the period which the promotion will run as well as the start date and end date of the promotion.
Description Tab
  • Projecting your costs and budget is key to having a successful promotion.
Other Tab