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Document sharing is critical across branches/ nodes. Allowance for online collaboration on projects must enable better control across internal and external systems. Data is available from local computer setups or mobile devices. Online storage and syncing service availability. Encrypted access to files. Users may choose which files to share on the cloud and with whom. Powerful dashboards will allow you visualize deals progress and information surrounding projects at different points in the negotiation to closure process.

Store all your electronic and scanned documentation in a secure, electronic repository that is accessible anywhere and anytime. Documents can easily be organized and shared among clients and employees.
Maintain electronic records in accordance with government and electronic regulations. Secure your documents from internal and external threats by determining who has control and access to documents.
Facilitate the distribution and viewing of documents available in the popular formats. Accessing documents anywhere without the need for any special software on the client side.

Many security features such as access controls, data encryption and server-based processing are built into the into the application. A Role-Based Security model ensures that users can be setup and assigned to roles in minutes.Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Campaign Management allowing you to keep abreast with your customer needs and react accordingly.

Included tools will assist in employee flow and management with full contact management, lead management, project management, reporting and analysis. Account management is centralized allowing you to track and engage with your customers every step of the way. Mitigate risk and improve chances of project success allowing you to drive repeatable, sustainable customer engagements.

Create projects; assign teams to the projects according to their capabilities. Track projects from pre-initiation stage to the closing stages. This will allow you to strive for operational excellence and fit.
Companies need to manage integral parts of its business relationships i.e. customers, suppliers, distributors, dealers, partners, employees, helping them build health and sustainable business relationships that are profitable in the short and long term. Allowing them to give excellent business value.

Manage and audit trails of whom and when data changes on the system. Create logical workflow rules that route and assign, create and disseminate work and information across your business.
Expedite claims processing with faster, automated calculations and validations to ensure personnel remain focused on more important business. Electronic forms can offer a more secure alternative to paper filing systems, which are vulnerable to loss.

Save money by automating processes, reducing auditing time, and consolidating accounting across multiple subsidiaries. Allow you to involve all employees, partners, customers, and others in process automation