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Getting Started:Company Details

Load your Basic Company information; 
  1. Company Name  - Trading Name
  2. Legal Name - Registered Business Name

Account Contact  information is for the person / individual who is in charge of the company's accounts.His or Her contact information is required.But not mandatory.

 Add your Company's Tax information on the next tab.You can choose what currency is the main currency in which your company uses.You can choose what region your Company is based in.The Language option helps you to choose what language you want to see your Dashboard in.

Enter you Company's Address here,where the business is located and the postal address where you receive your mail from.This help your invoices,transactional documents look more professional.

Load your Company's Banking information,so your suppliers and customers can pay you if the need arises.No need for them to ask for the banking information ,it will come pre-loaded onto your invoice.