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Customer Centre Features

Customer Centre

It gives you a list of all your clients depending on the role of your clients i.e. Account Customers, C.O.D Customers, and Dealers.Add, Edit or Delete Customers or Customer Details  directly from Customer Centre.

From within Customer Centre, you can View History of all your clients’ transactional history. Track payments and transactions.
With our Customer Centre feature you can check your Customer statements. It gives you an option for either detailed or summary statements, you will be able to get detailed reports on which payments, invoices and quotes linked to them. 
Create a Contract and link them to your customers. 

With Contract you can add Billing Cycles,monthly or quarterly.Set the Date when the contract starts so it starts billing automatically from that date.You can add other documents to the contract,by using the attach document function like Identity Documents,Proof of Residence etc.
Create Finance Houses. 
Finance houses allow your customers to get credit from other financial institutions.They usually want to be invoiced out when your clients are taking credit from them.The financial houses will be responsible for the payments for the goods or services under contract.

 Create Dealers for All Your Product Sales.
 Dealers  are usually your customers but they sell the goods or services on your behalf to their own clients at discounted rates or commission based structures. 
Create  a Lead List for your potential clients. Use this to track feedback on your products and service delivery.

A lead list will allow you to track your potential and past clients,people who have inquired about your products or services but haven't purchased them or used them before but aren't using them presently.