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Customer Center

Engaging with customers with the maximum amount of information possible is important to ensure satisfaction. The extent to which customers are happy with the products and services provided by a business is the difference between good and great vendors.

Outstanding customer service is most likely to be generate loyalty and repeat orders will follow. Our system provides an advanced customer navigator giving you quick access to customer information, histories and incidents amongst other data.
  • Control customers via groups and categories
  • Easily allocate them to specific locations and warehouses

  • Customers can be managed using linked accounts
  • Credit limits can be set per account
  • Language and multi-currency settings allow you to transact with customers in their home locale
  • Communication and various other options can be set and extended for external applications

  • Easily answer questions or audit an account quickly all from one place
  • Other tasks like invoicing, incident logging are all grouped for quick access
    • For instance you may want to quickly receive payments if needed
    • Or log communication with the customer

  • Summarized view with related options
  • Features  are grouped or quick linked for faster access
    • This lets you avoid having to learn or browse through to different modules to perform similar or related customer tasks.

  • Accessing transaction histories for customers is as easy as selecting a customer
  • Or simply reprint statements and other transactions

  • Reprint customer invoices in one easy click.
  • Export documents into various other formats.
    • Or simply email the document to your customer, no email configuration required.