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Our cloud-based, integrated business management solution has been designed specifically for small businesses or subsidiaries of large enterprises.We are talking about running your business software without having to make a capital investment in hardware/IT infrastructure, and put it in an environment you don't have to look after.Instead of paying a large outlay of cash for software user licenses, hardware ,servers etc.Only  pay a monthly subscription per user using our SAAS model.


  • Access you data anywhere and anytime. Improving access to business information wherever you may be.
  • Spread the cost of your software out using a per user/per month subscription price model
  • Flexibly add or remove users
  • The system is extendable; easily add new features to your existing setup increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Scalable for faster growth,streamlining operations,monitor different stages of production and concluding projects successfully.
  • Seamless upgrades
    • Features of our Online Cloud ERP Solution
      1. Chart of accounts
      2. Journal entries
      3. Budget cost centers
      4. Sales tax calculations
      5. Multiple financial periods
      6. Receipts
      7. Purchase orders
      8. Returns
      9. Credit notes
      10. Sales Orders
      11. Opportunities management
      12. Contact management
      13. Quotations
      14. Orders
      15. Invoices
      16. Returns
      17. Multiple Currency Support
      18. Customer management
      19. Item management
      20. Item queries
      21. Receipt to stock
      22. Release from stock
      23. Stock transactions
      24. Warehouse transfers
      25. Serial numbers tracking
      26. Batch management
      27. Manufacturing
      28. Bill of materials
      29. Client Relationship Manager

      This article will help you get started when you are logging in.First thing first you will receive your logging credentials by email.

      Your username /email address and  password combination will be used to log into the portal.

      Logging in Screen

      You will now be able to access all of our features available on our dashboard.If you are new to all of this we would suggest you read up on our Quick Start.Our Quick start should help you come to grips with all the basics you need to know in order to successful navigate our system as well as use it efficiently and effectively.

      First thing first you will need to fill in your Company Details.Here you can enter all the related compnay information like Company Registration Numbers,Your Tax Numbers,Your VAT numbers,select you tax rate,your region and your banking details.

       You will be able to find everything that you need on our dashboard,How to Sell , Creating Stock items ,Making payments .All in one place, we have tried to make everything easily accessible to further increase your experience.

      If you are looking to manage your customers,add contact details,banking information,attach documents or add other detailed information  you will find this article  particularly useful Customer Centre.Our customer management facilities allow you to be able to track and monitor your customers buying,paying habits thus enabling you to reward loyal and good customers.

      You can use our CRM Feature to enable you to achieve this goal as well as use our summarised and detailed Reports

      Create custom messages for all your transaction documents.

      These custom messages can include your business terms.i.e 50% Deposit Required,Quotes are valid for a period of 7 days etc.Custom messages allow you and your customers to trade effectively.You can include your banking details to make doing business with you easy for your customers.In some regions you are required by law to include your terms of service in your transactional documents.

      Customize your stationery using the html editor
      • General > Stationery Layouts

      • Making it available to modules

      • HTML Editor

      Easily add more template options for printing after processing transactions
      • Stationery listing after processing transactions

      • Browse through to "System", "Transaction Types"
      • Edit the transaction type
      • You can add your own custom layouts and quicker select it as an option

      • A sample POS layout

      This article will tell you how to create a campaign.Your marketing department works hand in hand with your  a sales department is to come up with a marketing campaigns.The purpose of a marketing campaign is to develop leads for the sales department. Leads that are generated are associated with a certain campaign and they can be tracked in the future to see how successful the marketing effort was.

      Creating Campaigns
              There are a number of steps to creating a campaign effectively.
      Creating a Campaign

      Select your Campaign Reference,Status and Type of Campaign and the Frequency of the campaign.This can always be changed at a later date by editing it to change the frequency by extending the campaign period.

      Targets and Goals of Your Campaign
      Fill in your description and the objective of your campaign.What are the goals and targets of your campaign? What do you intend to achieve in the period in which your campaign will run?
      Input your targeted impressions,your budget,the actual cost,your expected cost and expected revenue in the period.Assign the campaign to a campaign manager / team leader.

       Promotions help you to increase and loyalize your customer base.Your clients and customers become more willing to purchase from you during this periods,increasing revenue and sales.It also builds brand loyalty.

      • Creating  a promotion entails you filling in  out the basic information in relation to your promotion in the different tabs.
      General Tab
      • Enter the frequency, the type of promotion method,the period which the promotion will run as well as the start date and end date of the promotion.
      Description Tab
      • Projecting your costs and budget is key to having a successful promotion.
      Other Tab

      A warehouse  or store might be a different physical  location where you have inventory kept or it might be a supplier warehouse in the case of drop shipping.Your business needs to be able to know the availability of stock at this different locations,allowing you to track inventory at any given time meet the demand for present orders and back orders.

      This is a powerful tool that allows you to manage inventory items across multiple locations,warehouses,stores,branches.

      Using our Warehouse Transfers feature you can move goods / products between your different warehouses seamlessly.

      Perform stock take on all your inventory holdings at all your warehouses ,monitor stock levels for convenient identification of stock items.

      Move stock ,goods across your warehouses.Allowing your business to be able to move inventory seamlessly.
      Warehouse Transfers
      Print out the Warehouse transfer and send it out with your driver or courier and present it at the next location.

      Payment Types

      Splitting Payment Types

      Splitting payments from one customer across multiple invoices.Making balancing the books must easier and posting payments on the customers account.
      Splitting Payments
       Making payments to a customer has never been easier,you can select the invoice which to allocate the payment to,the amount and the date the payment was made,the type of payment (Cash,Money Order,Bank deposit etc).

       You can view your Customer History straight from the payments window.Ensure you allocated the amounts to the right invoices etc.

      Customer History - Splitting Payments

      Creating Points  / Tills

      Create points in various location and allocate transactions transaction per agent.

      • Selection is automatic and changeable at point of sale

      Our Detailed and Summarised Reports allow you to be able to have a foothold on what's going on in your business.What items to stock,who are your best sales people,getting customer statements all within your grasp.

      Customer Listing

      View your inventory listing,check stock levels,check stock movements.

      Inventory Listing
       View detailed or summarized customer and supplier statements
      Customer Statements Summarized
      Customer Statements Detailed

      Have a quick glance at your business from our dashboard.